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Clouds Don't Bleed - Ch. 5
“There’s no one else.” Darla scratched her nose and yawned. “No one else in this entire town, I feel like.”
I sat at one of the tables and looked at the tree out the window. The leaves were still beautiful, but they were dying. “Seems that way.”
“You know, honey. You really should just go home. No one’s coming today, and both of us know it.” She flipped over a crease in the rug and put her hands on my shoulders for a moment. “I’m not forcing you, but all I know is that I’m going upstairs now.”
I never really know what to say in situations like that, so I just let her go upstairs. Luckily, she doesn’t really care if I answer, because she cares more about catching up on lost sleep.
Everyone was fishing, or dreaming about fishing. I hate people that fish. I don’t think that I can say it enough, because I dream about killing them every night. They sit there, waiting for nothing to happen, and if they actually c
:icongiver:Giver 1 6
De idea y vuleta a cielo
El no importa
El perro de mujer mórbidamente obeso ladra en el asiento próximo a yo
Mientras mi gato esta tarde para él paseo en la espalda de el avión.
El mujer lleva una anilla
Con una cresta.
Mi solo las anillas
Son bajo mi ojos,
De las ropas de la azafata,
Hediondo de humo de los versiónes malos de gentilhombre,
Mientras la sección de no fumar civilmente toman los mantas gratis construer un fuerte.
Los diablos visitan el cielo lega afortunadamente hace un de ida y vuelta.
Yo no soy.
:icongiver:Giver 1 7
Zombie Bomb
The only sad thing about Audeline’s day was the fact that she was too tired to read the end of her favorite book, even though she’d already read it four and three-quarter times. The last time being the three quarters. Not only was it the only melancholic moment in her day, but she did not even recognize it, because she was asleep by the time that her brain knew that she was too tired to read to the end. The next morning, she would boil water for her tea, put lotion on her hands, and forget that she didn’t finish the book. In her mind, she had actually read her favorite book five times.
After finishing her tea, brushing her teeth for a second time, and putting on her right shoe after her left, Audeline would pick a leaf from the tree outside her steps to put inside her new book.
What Audeline will not notice is that her jaw will become slightly unhinged from smiling for forty-five straight minutes, which she also will not notice. She does notice that her hair is getting i
:icongiver:Giver 1 9
Turnip Truck
I should probably make some time in my schedule,
Because it’s going to take awhile to do all of this crap on your list.
Speaking lower,
Speaking higher,
Speaking softer,
Not speaking.
If I only had a clue about anything then I might be able to help myself understand,
But it seems that correcting grammar and doing analysis is more fun,
Rather than
Falling off the turnip truck.
Using up your tissues won’t solve the problem.
Only scissors and television will.
Did you know that my favorite heroines have the shortest hair
And that it makes them seem more confident,
Which I wish I was,
And makes me want short hair?
But no one will touch short hair.
No one will run their fingers through the ends of it and be happy to see me because they want to play with my one or two long braids that hang down my back,
Because it will be gone.
And no one will know who I am,
Because they’ll have forgotten my name and face,
Because it was written in my hair,
Where they had a constant reminde
:icongiver:Giver 0 13
Clouds Don't Bleed - Ch. 4
Mindless individuals in town talked about the storyteller the day after. About how great he was, and deep, and what they expected. I hated them, and the fish that they ordered at the tavern.
“He really spoke to what my life should be like,” one quacked throughout the day.
“I’m so sorry.” I lied through my smile, as if to say, “Let me get you some new orange juice and a towel.”
“Not a problem,” he also lied with a laugh, brushing off his newly pressed pants, as if to say, “These are just some old pants.”
The rest of the day was the same, and Darla didn’t say much about my clumsiness onto the table near a customer’s lap. She probably would have done the same thing if she was the waitress rather than the cook. I know she would have. She hates people almost, but not quite, as much as me.
Every single customer that came lied about how much they liked the storyteller, even if they weren’t there (which I would know if they
:icongiver:Giver 0 9
Blackened Bird
The only bench in the park
Was occupied by a blackened blue bird,
Shivering against the wind.
Soot from chimneys blew off of its fine feathers so nicely
That no coats
Or walls
Or bodies wanted to stop it.
Its fragile bones
Until it
The soot was cleaned by
The freezing hands of Mother Earth,
To purify
Until death.
:icongiver:Giver 2 17
Clouds Don't Bleed - Ch. 3
The embers of the fire were being agitated into flame as we found the circle of trees that enclosed the storyteller’s quarters. Eight people were settled obtusely along the grounds as he freely threw logs onto the pit of growing flames. Nubae’s eyes glowed brightly from the reflections of the fire, and we were greeted with a comfortable silence.
Everyone looked asleep judging by their postures and lack of movement, but the air of the group was alive with anticipation, along with the breathing that came in periods similar to laughter, from the thoughtful processes of their minds.
The crickets stopped chirping when he started to speak.
“This one’s name is not important, but please retain the story that I am about to tell you.” We planned to. And apparently everyone else that had woken up. “That’s what the storyteller would have said at least. I’m actually a sub. The next town over had an emergency necessity of a story, so he left me to fill in.
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Clouds Don't Bleed - Ch. 2
My skirt danced around my legs as I stepped outside into the wind, and the leaves from the tree outside the tavern waltzed in the corner of the tavern’s outer wall.
“Good afternoon, Miss Maple Leaf. Very good to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”
“Ah, you too, Mr. Oak Leaf. It’s such a lovely evening to have a ball, don’t you think?”
“I agree entirely. If only Ms. Skirt would stop flirting with every man in town, then we might get some peace!”
Ms. Skirt agreed silently, and I walked home to change out of my rank clothing. The storyteller himself can probably smell me from five-miles away at this very moment. It’s still a little bit earlier than the time I’m supposed to meet Nubae also, so there’s nothing else to do but go home.
I picked up a purple iris from Mr. Holm’s garden on the way, and set it in a small vase on the dining table at home. It didn’t go with anything in my house, but it’s wo
:icongiver:Giver 0 8
Flower in Despair by Giver Flower in Despair :icongiver:Giver 0 11
I would kill you, Hemingway
Did I distract you,
From the green leafy branches and the green leafy branches and the freaking green leafy branches,
Or did the eyes distract the hand from the story that makes no sense to the brain.
Not that I blame you for being distracted by plots that have no plot and sentences that run on for far longer than any possible piece of written word can possibly run and then another galaxy past what you think you can endure in one forced assignment for an English class.
Just go die.
Oh wait,
But you already died,
Or rather,
Killed yourself.
And don’t even try to justify it,
Because I’m totally fine with it.
:icongiver:Giver 2 31
Le Parkour Desktop by Giver Le Parkour Desktop :icongiver:Giver 1 4
Just shut up already.
When I say that I don’t want you to judge me,
I don’t just mean that you judge me with your words.
When I say,
“You’ll make fun of me.”
What I mean is,
“You will cut through me like a piece of pork and cut off the fat and bone only to leave me with my weak and unsupported muscle with which to defend myself with.”
That is what I mean.
And even without words,
Your eyes cut equally as well,
Just as a butter knife can cut jello just as well as a steak knife.
And that is 50 times worse than your words,
Because your eyes carry your soul,
And your soul is what judges me.
Words do nothing but spell sentences and paragraphs and novels.
:icongiver:Giver 0 8
Pouring peroxide on Medusa
I’m offended,
But I don’t blame you.
I wouldn’t want hands and arms made of sulfur and mud to soil my shirt.
Or want skin dripping with radioactive waste to contaminate me,
Or hands to choke me,
Face to turn me into stone so that I couldn’t save the world from the poison stare and lethal smile made of pieces of shrapnel.
Far too dangerous,
I’d say.
Taking your chance with a monster in your closet that waits to forever envelope you in a thick, oozing layer of toxicity,
Is not an option.
Making fires only to burn itself in,
And bleeding from every pore of its body when it tries to take off its mask that tears its soul apart because it can’t.
It tries,
And it sings so sadly that it makes you cry,
Until you remember,
That the same Medusa is the freak that burned your brother’s flesh off with her touch and turned his heart to stone,
And the same Medusa is the monster that likes to watch romantic movies instead of suck the face of the nearest man.
So they c
:icongiver:Giver 0 23
More hamsters are bad
They put me in a cage.
It’s not too bad,
I wish I had a little more room.
Not that I’m complaining.
I mean,
I have pellets,
And wood shavings,
And a wheel,
And water,
And a bowl for the pellets.
I don’t really need fields of flowers to run through with trees and grass and sunshine to soak into my skin while I savor oranges by a river while butterflies float to my hair while I stare at the light between the leaves of an oak tree.
It’s not that important to bundle up in scarves and jackets and boots to venture into the snow to lie down to make angels out of perfectly formed crystals that fall onto my eyelashes as I fall asleep in my hood.
Who would want to do that, right?
The only reason that I could see
Is if you brought another hamster into the cage.
Another hamster wouldn’t do any good.
Hamsters eat each other,
And gouge out each other’s eyes,
And tear out each other’s vocal cords,
To stop them from screaming when they gouge out their eyes.
I hat
:icongiver:Giver 1 17
The Inside of a Caterpillar
You think he’s going to attack you?
You think he’s going to pop from behind a park bench and cut your tendons to leave you bleeding all over your train ticket which you won’t be able to use anyway so that he can make off with $4.68 and your flash drive that only has pictures of trees on it?
In case you were wondering,
For your information,
By the way,
He has a 2-year old son with blond hair, blue eyes, and the cutest English accent that you’ve ever heard at home with his wife who is singing him a lullaby.
He wears those clothes because the people that love him wear those kind of clothes and don’t care what he looks like but what his soul tastes like.
It tastes like peaches,
And yours only looks like peaches.
When I dropped $4.69 cents while picking up my bag,
He tapped me on the shoulder and gave it back to me,
Even though he’s $4.69 short from buying enough gas to make it home.
You hate him,
And he loves you
As a person,
Because he’s the nicest perso
:icongiver:Giver 2 18
Clouds Don't Bleed - Ch. 1
When I woke up, the sky was a wonderful shade of light blue, and the clouds were lined up like blankets. I went through my natural morning functions swimmingly, and lined my mental state to that of a waitress. As can probably be assumed, I am not the most extroverted of persons, and it is quite improbable for my natural personality to take control of a table of travelers, wayfarers, and/or vagabonds.
A wise person once told me that you have to put on a mask, and keep it on until you get home. Actually, I could have told myself that. Either way…it works for me.
Nubae’s was fishing again. In case you were wondering. He does it a lot, but I don’t really blame him. Lazily shoving off to stare at the open sea for hours upon hours while finally catching a small haul of creatures that may or may not be edible so that they can say that they did something useful for the day while gaining recognition within the community as caretakers of the art and craft of laziness and melanchol
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'No More Heroes'

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 18, 2008, 1:34 PM
  • Listening to: MUSAC
  • Reading: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
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  • Playing: No More Heroes
  • Eating: Apple slices
jellyfish evolution by loish Anonymous by tanya-n:thumb52978085: mind being my valentine? by saturdayx

I was really bored this weekend, so I decided to draw a little bit. I wrote too, but yesterday I drew for like 2 or 3 hours. *lol* It felt really good, but they don't look that great. I might color a few of them and post though, to mix it up. It might help me relax with my auditions coming up too.

Ah, I had an audition at my first college this weekend. ^ ^ It was really nerve-wracking, but I got through it really well, and I think I impressed them. There was also a music theory and aural comprehension test, but I aced those I'm sure.

I also got No More Heroes for the Wii today! I was going to get it yesterday, but the roads were really icy. It's so amazing! Aesthetically, it's incredibly pleasing and very different. The fights are rather intuitive, and the camera angles make it feel more like a Quentin Tarantino film, rather than a game. The Job Center was a great idea, and creates the perfect balance with plot and side-quests. Not only that, but you can change Travis's clothes! Ah! You can shop for shirts, jeans, belts, and sunglasses! -^ ^- I love costumes. I wish all games had those options.

Anyway, a lot of people haven't heard of it, but everyone should definitely check it out. Of course, if you don't like gore or swearing, you might not like it. Judge it by if you like Kill Bill. If you like that, run to Game Stop and buy this game.

OK, I'm done, and I'm going back to reading my comparative government article. *lol*

I give myself :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Phoenix Wright journal skin by Cenakuu.


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