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Submitted on
October 26, 2004
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Right in front of me,
So close I could try
To wipe your tears away,
Slowly flooding my thoughts.
Since I know that I can't reach you,
Though you're close enough to touch.
Since I'm right in front of you,
But you don't see,
Or let me know,
If I could really wipe that tear.

Am I imagining it?
Do I just want to see you sad,
So I can help you through a slump?
I'm pretty sure that's not the case,
Since daggers stab my heart,
Make me cry in your pain.
If I wanted to see you sad,
I'd be wishing my depression.

You've denied and resented,
Whatever I've tried to help.
Blamed what comfort I can give...
Or am I wrong again?

If I'm the one that caused your pain,
If I'm the thing
You never talked about,
Just say it's so.
Resolve whatever problems I've created in our past.
Confide in me
When troubles spring tears
Behind your red,
Tired eyes.

Who else would you?
Not anyone I know.
But when I'm what makes you sad,
There's nothing I can do.
I've been going through some weird things. I don't want to say much more.
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Wow...Thanks for the all the comments everyone...

I'm glad that I could connect with all you through this poem. It means a lot to me. Even if the imagery wasn't real great, it's cool. ^ ^ For you Shinji-chan...Hope you get through to your friend. To you's actually about two of my friends. I kind of mixed the two of them in the poem together, since I was having similar problems with both...Once I fixed, but one I'm not too sure.
i can really relate to this poem.. i'm not exactly sure who it's about for you.. but it could be about almost anyone for me.. it's really good and very well written.. that's about all i can really say.. :)
ShinjiHikari Oct 27, 2004  Student
this one deffenently makes me think of a close friend of mine. Sometimes i just wish she could give me the help I need to get over alot of problems I have, but im to afraid to confine in her. She often asks whats the matter with me, but I cant seem to tell her that all would be better if I could just talk with her once, expressing the real me....
Jarahamee Oct 26, 2004  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Reminds me of what I do sometimes. Very full of feeling but not much imagery. I still think it is cool.
Thanks. I can definitely understand what connection you have. You've had a major problem with something like this in the past. My situation still up in the air now...Pretty sad. I don't know if it's gonna be OK.

I'll choose...All of them. ^ ^ They all make me happy. Espeically the 'glomp' one. *hehe*
I understand how your feel. I know EXACTALLY how you feel. You're not alone my friend. You are so NOT alone.
Pick which ever makes you feel better-- :cuddle: :hug: :glomp: :cling: Or all of them. I'm here to make my friends happy.
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